Epoxy Flooring

As Professionals in concrete flooring in Perth PCCF Epoxy Flooring will protect and enhance all investments commercial, residential and industrial. Our design team we will help you create the look you require whether it be a unique one-of-a-kind look or replica of a finish you desire with a brilliant finish to any concrete surface from seamless, flakes, metallic epoxy and colour tints using only the highest quality materials that will perfectly meet all your modern flooring requirements.


Exposed Aggregate Concrete

PCCF is an experienced installer of Exposed Aggregate Concrete in Perth. Exposed refers to the various types of aggregates (stones) that appear in the concreting mix to create unique looks and style. The technique for producing exposed aggregate concrete finishes is the water wash off technique. This technique removes the cement slurry to the surface of the concrete.


Honed Concrete

PCCF is a specialist in honed concrete flooring in Perth a process of the grind and seal method. This process is one where the concrete grinder takes off the top layer of concrete to reveal as little or as much aggregate to achieve the customers desired look. The floor is then finished with a protective sealer available in matt, semi or a high gloss finish.


Polished Concrete

PCCF are Polished Concrete Specialists throughout all Perth and WA. Using only the Husqvarna polishing technique we can create an attractive, durable and long lasting flooring option in both commercial and residential thanks to recent advances in polishing equipment and technique processes. The process is one which the concrete is chemically hardened with a densifier then using progressively finer grit diamond polishing pads to result in a marble like finish where the level of sheen can be matt, semi or high gloss and as much stone exposure as you desire.

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Who we are

Prime Concrete and custom floors are committed to providing our clients with highest level of customer satisfaction and building a strong reputation and relationships through integrity and professionalism by doing what we say. Specialising in the preparations and application of floor coatings and concrete flooring in Perth for more than 15 years we will go above and beyond to provide a concrete flooring solution with sound planning and implementation to save our customers money and add value to your property. Our company focus is on delivering the highest level of service and building strong business relationships.

Our Values


Take pride in our workmanship and present ourselves in a professional manner and treat your property with respect;

Integrity doing what is right and doing what we say we will do;

Meet deadlines and schedules;

Respect, value and support our staff;

Have a commitment to sustainability and act in an environmentally friendly way;

Guarantee jobs are not completed until the customer is completely satisfied with our workmanship and products;

Provide a concrete flooring solution with sound planning and implementation to save customers money and add value to properties.

Our Experiences

Prime Concrete & Custom floors are highly trained professionals with more than 15 years trained professional experience. We continuously up skill and educate employees to be at the forefront of any development in our field of expertise. This enables delivery of the highest quality flooring solution.